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The Need

Mainstream Women’s Healthcare does not typically provide natural, holistic, pro-woman, or pro-family care. The protocols and procedures commonly prescribed are often at odds with what is best for women’s health. Many protocols, in fact, harm women’s health in favor of having women fill a societal expectation of our roles, rather than helping us maintain a healthy body.

The Solution

We are working to establish comprehensive centers nationwide for women and families that uphold Natural Law and promote a New Feminism; a complementary view of humanity that places women, men, and children in loving family circles of trust, stability, and of mutual giving and acceptance.

Get Involved!

The Guiding Star Project is working to establish a nationwide family of Guiding Star Centers that will provide support for natural means of family planning, fertility care, childbirth, breastfeeding, and family life. Join us in bringing this dream to women of Mid-Missouri.

Join the Movement

We currently offer:
Free Pregnancy Tests
Material Resources
Healthy Pregnancy Classes
Fertility Awareness Classes
Lactation Education
Life Coaching
Our goal is to expand in order to offer holistic medical services to women and families.

If you are interested in our services or helping us grow, please contact us!