Guiding Star Mid-Missouri is one of seven affiliates of The Guiding Star Project and the only one located in the state of Missouri. 

Our mission is to energize a culture of life that upholds the diginity and beauty of women’s natural femenine abilities: to create life, carry life, and sustain life. We aim to offer holitic options in women’s healthcare that work with their bodies.

We want to be a sanctuary for woman who are looking for a natural, holistic and positive approach to fertility care and family planning, pregnancy and childbirth, breastfeeding and postpartum , and family life support. We want to offer a set of comprehensive services focused on the woman and child from an emotional, spiritual, and physical level and a place where woman in their fertile years can go to get counseling, education, and medical care associated with maternity, clinical healthcare, expectant mother care, pregnancy support, adoption, and postpartum support.

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