We want to be there for women in the postpartum period as well!

Lactation Support

*Breastfeeding 101 classes
          -milk production
          -what’s normal?
          -workplace rights

*Lacation conselor 
          Guiding Star clients have a lacation counselor available to them as needs arise. 

*Tongue tie evaluations
          If you feel like your child may need a tongue tie evaluations, please contact us.

Postpartum Support

*Self-care Resources
          We have staff available to talk to, give advice, and answer your questions and concerns.

*Postpartum Depression
          We can offer screening and referral resources to help women through postpartum depression.

Guiding Star Mid-Missouri is a milk depot!

What is a milk depot?
As a milk depot, we are able to accept breastmilk from donors. Donors must complete an intake and blood draw screening to begin the process. Milk collected at our location is sent directly to St. Luke’s in Kansas City and used for NICU patients. 

If you are interested in becoming a donor, please contact us for more information.